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Welcome to the Reimagine Your Homeschool Course.

Congratulations on deciding to move in the direction of Reimagining your Homeschool!

Before I even say hello, I'd love to hear what brought you here.

Why now?

What's your primary reason that you would like to Reimagine your Homeschool Life now?

  • What is the vision for your homeschool?
  • What are the obstacles keeping you from experiencing your homeschool?
  • Write your thoughts in a journal or notebook before we get started.

If you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts in the comment section, I'm sure that what you share will inspire and encourage other homeschool parents.

ps I'm so glad you're here: let's get to reimagining your homeschool life!

*If you're part of the Reimagine your Homeschool Coaching program, I look forward to meeting you this week in session!

**And if you're not part of a Reimagine your Homeschool Coaching program, but you'd like to, shoot me a message at [email protected]

Either way WELCOME!

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