In this self-directed course, you'll...

Clarify your needs, your relationships, and your identity so you can...

  • get your needs met & meet others' needs too,
  • know how to address boundary breakers, outside you & inside you,
  • get clear on who you are and become a more purposeful you.

Do you relate to any of these thoughts or feelings?

They're always pushing.

I'm always available.

It's nice to meet you!

Let me tell you about my boundary story.

Is this you?

You know you have issues with boundaries but you're not clear why, and you're definitely not sure how to change it.

You spend too much time thinking about...

  • what other people think about your homeschool

  • knowing that you want more time for you but not getting it

  • answering the phone when you should be eyeball-to-eyeball with your kids

  • recognizing that you need more time spent on developing you but not sure how or where you can do that

  • spending more time doing extracurriculars because people are asking you to participate, even though you want a quiet day at home

  • giving your time away in meaningful things, but not the most important things

  • fielding unsupportive questions about your homeschool choice

  • feeling exhausted by conflict with your partner 

  • knowing you're not showing up as you'd like with your kids but you're not sure why

  • feeling guilty or ashamed at how you're showing up with your kids

  • desperately wanting a separate space or time away from your kids

  • feeling your kids are mistreating you or

  • disrespecting you, but you can't quite figure out if that is just them being kids

  • you feel unsupported and you don't think you can ask even the most important people in your life to help

Straight up, if you identify with these thoughts, you need boundaries. 

I've come to understand that the energy we have for our homeschools (& lives) is directly proportional to our established boundaries:

  • the boundaries we have in our relationships,
  • whether that be our relationship to others or ourselves,
  • and also how we're framing the vision of our homeschool.

Imagine if…

  • you were happy doing your homeschool thing and didn't feel triggered by what other people think about your homeschool

  • you had enough time for yourself

  • your kids knew they shouldn't interrupt you on the phone

  • you knew who you were outside the homeschool mama role

  • you were intentional about your homeschool activity choices and not doing them just because everyone else is doing them

  • you felt supported in your homeschool choice

  • you had the energy to engage your homeschooled kids

  • you knew for sure you were showing up as you want with your kids

  • you didn't feel guilty or ashamed at how you're showing up with your kids

  • you didn't feel your kids were mistreating you or disrespecting you

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What's in this course?

  Welcome, homeschool mama!
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  Address your relationship with you.
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  Addressing your relationships with others.
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  How to instill boundary practices.
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  Final Thoughts on Boundaries
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See what others are saying...

 “I knew I had boundary issues, I just wasn’t clear on when, why or how that began, and Teresa really held space to help me explore that. She listens deeply and asks the most poignant, reflective questions. She is definitely a gifted space holder and quite unique in a way I’ve only experienced with a handful of people in my life. It’s been integral to unearth these insights and remember them when I am in the middle of a sort of boundary crisis or a situation that has the potential to cross my boundaries in a very unhealthy way. It anchors me and supports me in responding rather than immediately and unconsciously reacting.” 

--Britt, Homeschool Mama of 3

“Teresa has been of tremendous value towards my growth in homeschooling and self-care. She is encouraging and supportive of all that I long to pursue. I’m so grateful that I have her to walk alongside me in this journey.”

--Holly, Homeschool Mama of 2

I'm a homeschool mama just like you.

I've been a mother for over 21 years but not until my oldest daughter was 3 years old did I begin to put boundaries into practice.

It was pretty messy, as you can imagine.

An earthquake domino drop occurred in every relationship I had.

And though it was terribly uncomfortable, even scary (since there was a threat to my sense of security and confidence), it began a domino drop of false identity and false self.

Let me explain: I had to own who I was and why I was here on this planet. I had to own how I was speaking to myself, how I spoke to others, and how I expected others to speak to me.

And now I see, I had come home to me.

From that time on, I have been drawn to authenticity, freedom, and purpose.

Boundaries have required me to assess my relationship with others and most importantly, my relationship with myself.

Let me share what I've learned so you can experience that authenticity, freedom & expansion in your life (& your homeschool) too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I access the journaling notebook?

There are downloadable PDFs at the end of many lessons. None of them may be recopied for other uses but your own.

Will I have access to the entire course all at once?

You'll receive each module the week before so you won't feel overwhelmed.

What if I decide I want to join coaching even though I've signed up for the self-directed course?

Email me to ask how we might accommodate your introduction into group or one-on-one coaching.

Do I have permanent access to the self-directed course once the coaching program is complete?

You betcha! It's yours AND it's regularly updated too.

Can I purchase coaching sessions beyond this course?

Absolutely! If you want to continue coaching, I'd be delighted to continue. Connect with me here: [email protected]