Why include boundaries?

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Building boundaries, whether you're a homeschool parent, a public-school parent, or not even a parent, is a challenge.

But you, homeschool mama, have a lot going on.

There are lots of expectations of parents these days.

But throw in a homeschool lifestyle, the responsibility of an educational program, surround yourself with kids' needs 24/7, and you are going to be consumed quickly.

Enter: boundaries.

Of course, we all took this lifestyle on so we could facilitate our children's education & live this amazing homeschool life with them.

That's the goal. But it's a tall order, a really tall order.

But that's still the goal.

This notion that you can give them everything they need?

It can't be done.

Yet, we mamas definitely want to do all the things.

So we need to create boundaries.

Why boundaries?

Simply because you also have needs. You need to create firm boundaries around...

  • your energy
  • your needs
  • your goals
  • your peace
  • your quiet
  • your cleanliness
  • your organization

(Kids don't tend to consider their parent's needs. That's generally not a thing. They're kids. They need us, so they're gonna ask us to meet their needs. It's what happens in the parent-child relationship. They have needs, but so do you.)

Boundaries are simply this: you respect yourself & your needs and expect others to respect you & your needs too.

But who is responsible to take care of your needs? You. Not your kids & not anyone else.

So the thing is, somewhere in our culture, we're told, "You are a god-like creature for your kids. You are the end-all-be-all. So do everything, be everything for them".

And truly, I do think that is true.

(Are you surprised that I'd say that? Yeah, you are supposed to give and give and give to them. They need unconditional love. They need endless love. (Just like you did). They need to see that the world is a safe and loving place. They need every ounce of you nurturing them.)

Except that you are a human and not a god, so you're just not going to do all that perfectly.

(You really aren't. And I think you have an inkling that what I'm saying is true. And once you accept your human reality, you will take yourself off the hook, less guilt, less shame, and actually show up better for your kids.)

Go figure.

That's how it works: be true to yourself, be kind to yourself, be less self-guilting, less self-shaming, and actually do this parenting thing better.

When our goals and needs are met, we have energy and mental space to extend and nurture those around us more too.

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