Before we get started, why are you here?

Listen to the audio instead...

Let's talk straight, girlfriend!

I don't think there's an easy transition to smooth boundaries in your homeschool or your life.

If you choose to show up for yourself and advocate for your needs, and your relationships, it's gonna get messy.

I'd like to say otherwise, because who would want to tell someone else that establishing boundaries is a walk toward potential conflict & possibly a reordering of relationships?

(Or at the very least, a lotta work?)

Not me!

I want to be your encourager, be the wind in your sails, and remind you of all the freedoms in your homeschool & life.

Turns out the best things in life aren't free.

(Oh boy! First, I give you a hard pill to swallow & then a cliche!)

No, I won't tell you this will be a short & sweet season in your life: put boundary efforts in, get satisfying relationships out.

I will tell you this: every effort you put toward owning your voice, making your choices, advocating for yourself, speaking your truth, and expecting yourself to engage the same way you expect others to engage you, will do this one thing...

It'll bring you back home: to you.

And there is no other place you should be: in the center of your freedom, identity, and purpose.

So let's address those boundaries!

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