How do you want to show up?

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So the thing is, more is caught than taught as a homeschool mama. (Darn it. But it’s true.)

And we want to do things perfectly, never miss a beat with our kids, but…anywho…turns out we’re human.

Here’s how to show up in your homeschool on purpose.

How to live your homeschool life on purpose?

1. Homeschool with a vision.

And our underlying vision, for our homeschools and our personal visions, influences how our children receive what they receive from us.

Our kids naturally take our energy and focus in life and absorb our natural values. (The stuff we actually believe, not the stuff we think we believe or want to believe.)

And we get to determine our vision and decide to insert that vision into our practical day-to-day experience.

2. Acknowledge that how you see yourself affects how you are present in your world.

Whether you think it’s useful for others to acknowledge you when you walk into a room, whether you recognize you have intrinsic value that is useful for others, or whether you determine you get to have others attend to you (as well as you attending to them)… anyway you view yourself affects how you present in your world.

It’s worth an assessment to question how we are actually showing up, how we are received in our world, and whether we’re being received the way we think we’re being received.

3. Accept your mess and imperfections.

Cause we all have a mess inside. Everyone. Not just you.

Imperfect is just the way this life thing is.

But push back against the reality of your mess or your imperfection, attempting to deceive others or YOURSELF that you’re not a mess and you’re in a whole lot more mess.

4. Make a growth mindset your personal goal.

And growth and learning are just as much a reality as a mess. (Unless we pretend there’s no mess, then there can be no growth).

When we accept we are always on a growth trajectory, we can more readily accept our mess.

5. Figure out who you are and your personal vision.

  • What is it?
  • Who are you?
  • What makes you tick?
  • What’s the reason you are on this earth?
  • Are you doing it?

Determine who you are and why you’re here.

6. Learn not to care what other people think.

Easier said than done. We’re built to care what other people think. Sometimes we care too much about what other people think. And that isn’t authentic either.

I can write this declaratively, in a paragraph or two, that you should learn not to care what other people think, but I’ve been practicing for nearly two decades and this is hard stuff. Which sometimes rips through your relationships and community like an earthquake. But it does require to own you, to be authentic, and therefore live an authentic life.

So time to get started on this very important element of showing up in your homeschool.

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7. Include what you want to include in your homeschool day (& life).

Like what do you actually want to do?

Don’t answer what everyone else wants to do in their homeschool days.

What do YOU and your KIDS want to do??

8. Simplify your life.

Decide how you want to do life so you can show up on purpose in your homeschool & life.

**You can use the following journal questions to explore how you want to show up in your homeschool & life.

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