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Homeschool has all the freedoms.

Except for those days.

Those days…the ones where you wake up a little heavy.

The wintery world outside is dreary. The kids are speaking thirty decibels louder than your head can manage. And you can’t find the Advil bottle.

Those days…when it doesn’t matter what you to do to quell that child, she wants to challenge everything you say, report everything her sibling is doing wrong, declare she can no longer read, can’t compute basic calculations, or spell three letter words.

Those days…when I think, Why would I write a blog titled “capturing the charmed life” when I know darn well that a charmed life is never static.

The charmed life isn’t static: how does one learn life’s lessons without a few challenges? This kind of charm doesn’t come for free.

This kind of freedom is earned through hard work, mostly work of the interior.

There’s no manual for parenting, no manual for home educating (okay, actually there are, but knows there no manual for YOUR kids).

So continue to determine what you need, what your kids need, what you don’t need, what they don’t need, what you were meant to do, and keep on keeping on so you’ll learn what you need to learn so you have fewer of those days.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” --Franklin D. Roosevelt

Get curious when you're having one of those days. Learn more about your uncomfortable feelings.

  • When is the first time you experienced that uncomfortable feeling?
  • Where would you say that uncomfortable feeling is rooted?
  • What is the source of that uncomfortable feeling?
  • How do you typically address this uncomfortable feeling?

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