Together we will build your confidence, enable you to engage your kids in a home education, and build an individualized approach for your family.

So you can be certain that what you're doing is the right thing for your family.

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Fifteen years ago, I searched for arguments against homeschooling, and that search shifted my family’s next decade.

When I was first asked if I considered homeschooling, I thought that approach was for off-grid families. But I was a mainstream kinda gal.

Within a week of reading a book, the Homeschooling Option by Lisa Rivere, I was certain that homeschooling was meant for our family.

No DOUBT about, I had many doubts yet to quell. So much questioning from so many concerned family members or the general public, and I became defensive and mentally prepared my arguments for homeschooling.

All the while, I didn't know if it was really going to work, because it wasn't easy, some days I didn't want to do it at all, some days I was hoping the yellow school bus would stop for my kiddos, but mostly I saw all the benefits of this lifestyle and wanted to be certain that it was the right thing for our family.

With so much studying about learning, learning about my kids, listening to what an education really is, I learned that this homeschool thing WAS working. Not the WAY I had imagniend it maybe, but it definitely created independent kiddos that could hold their own in any adult conversation, were confident with their peers, walked into their own paths, with their unique sense of purposes.

I'm eager to share the freedoms of the homeschool lifestyle with the skeptical, the intrigued, and the planning: but especially YOU.

You don't have to homeschool in uncertainty and doubt.

I am a hearty advocate of home education and want to encourage others that they can create a a meaningful, individualized education for their homeschool families.

If you're uncertain about the transition from school to homeschool, you will get your uncertainties clarified and your vision fortified here.

Do you relate to any of these thoughts?

Or have you experienced any of these feelings?

Why are you Homeschooling?
Gain Confidence: Know Why You're Homeschooling

Know your WHY before you PLAN.

Know what you think about an education and what your specific children need.

Do you know who your kids are, how they like to learn, what they like to learn?

Have you determined a vision for your homeschool?

How to Teach
Gain Clarity: How Your Home Is Not a School

What is an Education Anyways? Have you determined what you value in an education?

Plan an individualized education for your unique children.

Anticipate THOSE days. (The ones you think you might have: you will!)

Anticipate and plan for it now so you'll know what to do then.

Finding your Vision
Gain Vision: Determine Your Specific Vision (& Plan) for Your Family

What do you actually want to fill your day with?

Do you know how to create homeschool routines that help you get everything done, feel satisfying, are educational, but don't overwhelm?

Be encouraged that you've got this, because you DO. you've got this girlfriend!

If you identify with any of these thoughts, then you need to take a step in the direction of your BEST homeschool!

If you can relate to anything in the webinar or the comments above, you would be wise to join the How to Homeschool 101 course so you don't experience a Homeschool 911 experience.

 In this course, you will be supported, encouraged, and challenged to advocate for your specific homeschool family!

We've been taking care of our kids' educations, their homes, their interests, their extracurriculuars, their social life, their everything, and now it's time to learn to take care of you.

Want more information before you get started? Then scroll down and and check out the curriculum.

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New Homeschool Mama,

Along with this course, you are invited to the private Facebook group, New Homeschool Mamas, where you'll get daily discussion to support you in your new homeschool journey.

AND you'll receive the book, Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Nurturing the Nurturer book for FREE.

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How to Homeschool 101: Guiding New Homeschoolers into Confidence, Clarity & Vision

  Since You're Considering Homeschooling
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  The Reason You Homeschool Determines How You Homeschool
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  Your Home is Not A School
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  Homeschool Planning Practicalities
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  Creating Learning Opportunities
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  Engaging Specific Scenarios
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  Anticipate The Challenges
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  You Got This, Girlfriend!
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So final thoughts...

How to Homeschool 101 is the here to help you homeschool the way YOU want to homeschool.

No homeschool philosophy is better than the one YOUR family develops, because no homeschool philosophy matters unless it's useful for the members of your family.

You will have permanent access to this course and a personal invitation to enjoy the Homeschool Mama Support Group.

So you can be part of a community that will help you through the challenging aspects of your homeschool journey.

Are you ready to get started?!

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How to Homeschool 101: Everything you Need to Know to Get Started, Create a Personalized Education, and Have Confidence in Creating your Routine

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