Who are Your Homeschool Influencers?

If you want to SHOW UP on purpose in your homeschool, continue in your personal growth, and know how to help your kids continue in their growth, then the Homeschool Mama Book Club is for you!

About the Book Club...

Community, Critical Thinking, New Ideas & Personal Growth...

Join engaging conversations about topics that matter to the homeschool mama!

Discussions on topics that can shift how we show up in our homeschools & lives.

Read the book in advance, or don't. Because I'll be reading it and bringing the concepts to you!

And engage in authentic conversations that provide community & connection too.

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Before the Book Club...

Tell me about you and your homeschool family.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I see the Book Club Zoom link in my email?

You'll see the zoom link in your email the morning of the Book Club. (Make sure your email provider hasn't thrown it into Junk Mail.)

Where can I purchase the book?

Your favourite local bookshop presently.

(Or on my Homeschool Mama Book Club Book Shop).

Where do I find your book?

On Amazon, unless you live where I live, then it's at my local bookstore too.

PS my book is called Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Nurturing the Nurturer.

Does this Book Club cost?

The nominal Book Club purchase enables the Zoom group platform.

(Oh, and it costs you time. You'll have to find a quiet hour and a half away from your kids and responsibilities to spend time on YOU!)

Do you have a recommended Homeschool Mama Reading List?

Why, yes I do! But FYI, it's always expanding. You can find it here.

How long is the Book Club?

Usually about an hour and a half.

Can I ask questions about the book and it's applications to my homeschool?

Absolutely! I'll share my insights from the book and how they apply to our homeschools, but the best part of this book club? Sharing with other homeschool mamas our thoughts and learning from each other.

If you have thoughts, insights, or questions, we will all benefit from them.

How can I connect with others at the Book Club?

You are most welcome to join our monthly Support Chats, group coaching (for Overcoming Overwhelm, Building Boundaries, or Deschooling) or connect with me one-on-one for coaching.

Want to connect with me directly?

I offer one-on-one coaching session (I waive the fee on our initial meeting).

Do you want to address your challenges around overwhelm, big emotions, boundaries, deschooling, and anything that might keep you from showing up on purpose in your homeschool (& life)?

Connect with me here.