Let's celebrate and reenvision your 2024 homeschool year...

Can I tell you about the Re-Envision Group Coaching Intensive?

Who is this for?

  • Homeschool Moms Seeking Clarity: To gain clarity about their homeschooling journey, evaluate past experiences, and set clear goals for the upcoming homeschool year.
  • Homeschool Moms who want to Reassess their Homeschools: To proactively plan and design their 2024 homeschool year geared toward their kids (with confidence & enoughness).
  • Wellness-Oriented Moms: To prioritize their wellness, seek strategies and tools to accomplish homeschool responsibilities & personal well-being goals.
  • Child-Led Learning Advocates: Those interested in learning to lean into child-led learning.
  • Goal-Oriented Individuals: Moms who aspire to set personalized and achievable goals, both for their homeschooling journey and personal growth.
  • Reflective and Growth-Minded Moms: Individuals keen on engaging in reflective exercises, journaling, and discussions to foster personal growth and development.
  • Resource-Seekers: Individuals interested in accessing a curated resource library, printables, and materials to enhance their homeschooling experience and gain valuable tools for growth.
  • Homeschool Moms Interested in Personal Coaching: Those wanting personalized guidance and strategies through a live group coaching session, tailored to their specific challenges and needs.
  • Bonus-Enthusiasts: Moms interested in additional bonuses like the Ultimate Wellness Journal Workbook and exclusive access to a supportive online community for continuous support and resources.
  • YOU! If you've read this far!

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What we'll do...

…set apart a time to assess your past year (& create a plan for your upcoming 2024 year)…

This will be a 2-hour group coaching intensive where we will do this...

  • Evaluate your 2023 homeschool experience
  • Develop a tailored 2024 homeschool plan
  • Design a personalized wellness strategy
  • Embrace child-led learning approaches
  • Envision your personal and homeschool goals
  • Create a focused 'YOU' plan for 2024
  • Engage in reflective exercises, journaling, and discussions
  • Join us for a 2-hour coaching session to plan and empower your 2024 journey together!

Bring your journals and a pen.

  • During the session, you'll receive personal coaching.
  • After the session, you'll receive personal feedback.
  • You will access the Wellness Journal for Homeschool Mamas.

Before the intensive...

Please fill out the form below to help you get the most from our time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the Intensive Zoom link?

In your email inbox the morning of our time together.  (Make sure your email provider hasn't thrown it into Junk Mail).

Do you have a community where I can connect with the participants afterward?

You can join the Patreon community for our monthly support chats.

I am considering coaching, can I talk with you about that?

Absolutely! Book an appointment with me here.