What I would have done differently...

What I would have done differently...

I have learned how to feel intentional, confident, and generally satisfied in my life -- and I'll be sharing those perspective shifts in the upcoming group coaching program beginning next week. 

Of course, I learned these things over a couple decades, with a whole lot of stress, frustration, and overwhelm. 😫😬😓😰😥😢😣😩

So what follows is what I wish I had known decades ago so I could have lived my earlier homeschool years more confidently, intentionally, and more satisfied...and a whole lot less overwhelmed.

Want to know what I would have done differently?

  1. If I had to do it all over again, I would have started by assessing my expectations before I got planning.
  2. Looking back, I would have prioritized clarifying my definition of education much earlier and recognized the importance of child-directed learning.
  3. In hindsight, I wish I had simplified our curriculum choices sooner. This would have allowed us to focus on what truly mattered and reduced the overwhelming workload I self-created.
  4. One of the biggest changes I'd make is to regularly evaluate our activities to ensure they serve my children's needs. Learning when to adjust my expectations would have prevented unnecessary stress and frustration.
  5. I now understand the value of holistic homeschooling, recognizing that learning doesn't happen only within textbooks. I would have customized my approach a lot sooner.
  6. Time management and prioritizing (aka time blocking) would have been the first thing I would have done! 
  7. If I could turn back time, I would have defined our homeschool and personal goals right from the start. 
  8. I would have paid more attention to our daily routines and habits. 
  9. Dedicating time to self-care and nurturing an 'all-about-me' activity would have reduced the stress and frustration I routinely felt.
  10. I now see the importance of setting healthy boundaries and ensuring I'm heard and seen by the important people in my life and learning to see and hear others too.
  11. I would evaluate extracurricular activities to determine if they truly serve my kids and adjust my expectations when necessary.
  12. I wish I could have moved beyond the "perfect family fantasy" and just embraced the moments whatever was in front of me.

So, yeah, these are the things I would do differently.

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